family dance party!

get Your Happy Dance on!

Happy Dance Club is a super fun, themed, dress up interactive, educational, family dance party, introducing toddlers and kids to their first DJ dance floor experience!

Inclusive Good Vibes!

Our fabulously colorful “DJ” leads kids through a guided Dance Floor Adventure where they learn, through movement, about musical artists like Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Prince, Lady Gaga, and more as well as different genres of music like Disco, 90s Hip Hop, Y2K Pop, Motown, etc.  

Fun Themes

Taylor Swift

Dance through all the Eras with the Dazzling, enchanting, brilliant, Taylor Swift!


Learn about this strong, smart amazing legend as we groove through al the eclectic decades of her extraordinary career!

90s Hip Hop

Kids learn about the icons of 90s Hip Hop as we dance trough one of the best dance groove decades ever.

70s Disco

Hop on the soul train and spread the love the disco era under the sparkling disco balls.

Lady Gaga

Join us in a colorful celebration of freedom, love and self expression with the music of Lady Gaga

And More......

These are just a few of our favorite themes, but there are so so so many more!

What to expect:

  • Colorful DJ 
  • Bubble Dance Party
  • Games and Activities
  • Disco Limbo
  • Emoji Dance
  • Glitter Ball Pop Party
  • Silly Jungle Boogie
  • Groovy Love Train
  • Costume Contests
  • And More….
Parents Party Too!
Happy Dance is a great opportunity for parents to let all their stress out on the dance floor and groove to the best nostalgic retro tunes. Parents literally have as much fun as the kids!
Dress Up!
This is the perfect opportunity to rock your most fabulous sequins, glitter, retro looks! The more color and glitter the better!